A spotlight on issues critical to tobacco production with the Kutsaga Research Board circus meetings

A spotlight on issues critical to tobacco production with the Kutsaga Research Board circus meetings
The Kutsaga Tobacco Research Board is hosting a series of meetings on subjects critical to the continued innovation and sustainable practices in the tobacco industry. Here’s a snapshot of what attendees can look forward to:

Unveiling Current Research: An Overview by Dr. Susan Dimbi

The series will kick off with Dr. Susan Dimbi who will provide an insightful overview of the current landscape of tobacco research. Her presentation aims to set the stage for the ensuing discussions and provide a foundation of knowledge from which all other topics will build upon.

Deciphering Variety Choice with Mr. Francis Mukoyi

Choosing the right tobacco variety is tantamount to success, and Mr. Francis Mukoyi will dissect the intricacies of making informed decisions in variety selection. His expertise will guide producers towards tailor-made choices suited to their unique environmental and market demands.

Targeting Pests and Diseases: Dr. Cleopas Chinheya

Understanding and managing pests and diseases is at the core of tobacco cultivation. Dr. Cleopas Chinheya’s session will be an exposition on the latest defences against the biological threats that imperil crop yields and quality.

Fostering Soil Health Research with Ms. Dadirai Chinamo

Ms. Dadirai Chinamo will discuss the often-overlooked subject of soil health. Her research shines a light on the symbiotic relationship between soil vitality and plant prosperity.

Delving into Nematodes with Mr. Tafadzwa Mahare

Next, Mr. Tafadzwa Mahare will navigate the complex world of nematodes, providing key insights into the management of these microscopic, yet formidable threats to the tobacco crops.

Broadening Horizons: Tobacco Alternatives & Alternates by Dr. Ivyne Mateva

In an era where diversification is key, Dr. Ivyne Mateva’s talk on Tobacco Alternatives and Alternates will offer a vision of the future. Exploring sustainable, lucrative crops that can thrive alongside or in replacement of tobacco will be a cornerstone of this session.

Culminating with a General Discussion led by Dr. Dzingai Rukuni

The Circuses will conclude with a general discussion moderated by Dr. Dzingai Rukuni, inviting participants to reflect, debate, and synthesise the insights garnered from the meetings. This interactive segment promises to galvanise thoughts and foster collaborative ties among stakeholders.

With a lineup of esteemed experts and a wealth of knowledge to be shared, the Kutsaga Tobacco Research Board’s Circuses are not to be missed.

Stay tuned for updates and insights that are sure to emerge from this series of dialogues.

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